continued from “Why Content Writing is Neeeded in the Cannabis Industry”

What idea do you want to give your readers about your company?

We are going to let you have some fun with this. Click the link below for a little exercise to help you think about what we mean. Consider four different portrayals of a business selling the exact same thing. You tell us which one fits the audience you are trying to reach. Are you ready? Set. Go. 

Exhibit A: The Clean Professional:    

Our company is excited to release three new products on retail, as well as medical, shelves, in the next three months. Customers now have the option of a healthy carbonated tonic, a delicious chocolate bar, or a liquid tincture. These products focus on quality, using sativa strains from only local, certified organic growers, all with laboratory tested dosing. Enjoy the drink with dinner, or serve it at your next social gathering. Use the chocolate as a relaxing treat or gift. The tincture has a variety of uses, as it can be used both topically or taken by mouth. Enjoy responsibly.

Exhibit B: The Excited Friend:

Yay! Come celebrate with us. We finally have a release on three new products. Our suppliers have been innovating, cultivating, and designing these new blends for months. We’ve got a fizzy drink, some tincture, and even a chocolate bar! It’s local! Organic sativa! We even had it fancy tested in a laboratory because we mean business. Bring some for the whole party next Saturday, or use them as great gifts, or just items to have on hand at home.The tincture is super cool as you can take it by mouth, or even use it topically on your skin if you want to. Think about the possibilities with that one! Yay!

Exhibit C: The Young Enthusiast:

OMG you guys! Check out the new nugs! Sativa! OMG! So frickin’ exciting! We’ve got this stuff stuffed into a soda pop and a chocolate bar, you can drink it and then get the munchies and each chocolate and a tincture too. Gr8 stuff! It’s organic  and measured out THC. Get down here now before we use it all ourselves!

Exhibit D: The Medical Patient:

For those experiencing medical symptoms that disallow the usage of smoking your prescription marijuana, or seeking an alternative, we now offer three new products. Our new items are all organic sativa, fully laboratory tested for THC levels so you know you are getting your exact prescribed dose. We are hopeful that our new carbonated beverage, pleasant chocolate bar, or oral/topical tincture will suit your needs and offer relief.

…So what did you think?

Do you see how the words chosen can shape how readers come to think of your products? Honestly, more than one of these “exhibits” may serve your purpose for what you are trying to inform your customers about at any given time, the point is that content writing has the power to give a feeling for your company and attract a particular clientele. It’s part of the rebranding of marijuana. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO ARTICLE