5 Easy-to-Fix Cannabis Website Design Mistakes

In Website Design by Nicole Flanigan

Cannabis Website Design Mistakes

Cannabis Website Design Mistakes

The digital realm is an extremely important channel for your business, especially for the cannabis industry where the majority of traditional marketing options simply aren’t available to use. Your website is the handshake at the beginning of every interaction your business will have with your prospects, leads, and customers. In this sense, it could be considered your digital storefront since in most cases, it is the first or only touch point your customers have with your brand and business. We thought it might be helpful to show you the importance of a good, responsive website design by illustrating some of the most common mistakes people make when designing their websites.

Mistake 1: Your website isn’t mobile-compatible.

In this day and age, about 50% of all internet traffic globally comes from mobile devices instead of traditional devices,  like a cell phone or tablet instead of laptops or computers. In fact, global mobile traffic continues to grow at double-digit rates. Mobile usage is also highest in the united states. More and more buyers are out there using their mobile devices to get more information on services and products, but the catch is that mobile users have VERY short attention spans. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, your potential shoppers will search somewhere more mobile friendly and you could be missing out on a huge potential.

Mistake 2: It’s too difficult to navigate your site.

A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s just not that good. If a customer can navigate your competitor’s website much more easily than yours, why wouldn’t they buy from them instead of you? More and more customers use the internet to research products and services before considering the purchase. Because of this, the population’s patience level for navigating confusing websites is a lot lower. If your site has organizational issues, your search bar isn’t yielding any results, and your navigation bar just doesn’t make sense, you need to look into responsive website design where the developer focuses on growth-driven design.

Mistake 3: Your website isn’t optimized for your audience.

Attracting the wrong kind of attention? Keep in mind that you can’t base the performance of your website based on how many visitors or clicks you’re attracting in a month, especially if your traffic isn’t engaging with your website or converting into qualified leads by making an action on your site. When you optimize your website, you should use phrases and keywords that indicate the lead is in fact qualified to sell to. It isn’t how many people you get in your store, its how many people choose to buy something once inside.

Mistake 4: Your website is old and outdated.

Since your website is a huge part of organizing your prospects and leads for your marketing team, it’s smart to show your target audience that you’re up to date and relevant in the cannabis industry. An old, outdated website may have old cannabis laws that are no longer relevant on it, or it might have products you no longer carry. You should keep your website regularly updated since an old or outdated site doesn’t always send the right impression to potential clients or customers.

Mistake 5: Your content management system isn’t set up to follow cannabis industry best practices

There are a lot of content management systems (CMSs) out there, but they aren’t always created equal. It’s very important that you find a CMS that takes SEO capabilities into consideration. It should also be designed nicely and function well. Here’s a nice guide on the best CMSs available in 2018.

Have you fixed all of these mistakes? Are you still seeing potential customers and leads choose a similar cannabis brand over yours?

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Additionally, all our websites come standard with these lead-converting tools:

  • Phone number, email address, and contact form on every single page
  • Large, clear, easy to read font
  • Appropriate “Trust Seals” such as BBB, Angie’s List, Chamber memberships, etc.
  • Lead capturing offers on the home page
  • Book Appointment, Schedule Now or other immediate action buttons
  • Your REAL customer testimonials
  • Social media sharing facilities to allow web visitors to share articles with their friends and colleagues on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Google Webmaster Tools that integrate Google Analytics into your site.
  • And more, depending on your business.

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