5 website optimization questions for cannabis brands

5 Important Questions to Ask About your Cannabis Business’s Website

In Website Design by Nicole Flanigan

As a company in the cannabis industry, odds are that your website is at the heart of everything you do for your marketing since paid advertisements, social media, and other traditional forms of digital marketing simply don’t work for marijuana brands. Your website is the handshake you extend to a new customer, and it’s critical that your website is always well-oiled and functioning at maximum efficiency at all times. However, lots of dispensaries and other cannabis brands are still stuck in the “set it up and ignore it forever” train of thought. This thinking is dangerous though because often times you’ll find that the smallest tweaks to your website can make huge impacts on your conversion rates and overall engagement. If you want to earn more business, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself this week about your website.

How does your cannabis website measure up to industry standards?

To find out if your marijuana business’s website is doing everything it can to nurture your prospects into your actual storefront, consider how you’d answer these 5 key website optimization questions.

  1. Does this capture our vibe?
    If your website was the only thing your customers could interact with, would it do a good job? Does it capture your essence? Does it convey the look and feel of your storefront? Does it sound like you? If not, it’s time for a website redesign.

  2. Is this optimized for SEO?
    If you’re not seeing a steady trickle of relevant prospects as a cannabis brand, you’re SEO is out of whack. If your customers can’t find your website or your menu, they can’t visit your website or menu. The search engines use algorithms to rank and display search results, and these algorithms are always changing. You have to keep up or your rank will just drift further and further down until it’s on a results page nobody will even click on, which most of the time starts on page 2! Make sure you’re researching your keywords and fitting them wherever possible. A good rule of thumb is to update your website copy every couple of months.

  3. Is our about page helpful for our prospects?
    Many companies use an about page to talk about how great they are. A typical prospect lands on the about page hoping to learn more about how your products or services can help them. Talk about yourself, but in a way that’s useful for your customers. How are you providing the best marijuana in the Denver area? Why is your cannabis better than the stuff that you can get from a chain dispensary?

  4. Is it easy to get in touch with us?
    A lot of the time, people are interested in something for a brief moment, and if connecting and converting doesn’t happen, you’ve missed a customer. Make it easy for them to get in touch in their preferred way. For some that’ll be filling out a form that links to a CTA. For others, it’ll be an email or a DM on social media, and for the rest, it’ll be easiest via phone or text. Use this connection to nurture that minimal interest into something bigger.

  5. Is my menu updated and are my product pages easy to understand?
    Many dispensaries, brands, commercial marijuana grows, and concentrate companies have a menu or a product list on their website. If it isn’t transparent enough to figure out or understand how it will benefit them you risk losing the interest of your prospects. They want detailed info on your products. They want prices, THC/CBD/CBN content, and actual inventory since nothing is more annoying than looking at a Weedmaps profile that was just updated 3 days ago to find out that half the products on there aren’t even in stock. Be clear and concise and either use a widget or only display house products and strains on your website.

An optimized website means more customers.

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