Todd Wheeler—The Architect.

todd-wheelerTodd is behind most of the things we do here at Team Maryjane. It’s why he’s called, “The Architect.” He advises us on our organizational policies and procedures. He sculpts our company culture and the structure that supports it. He helped to create and navigate our success plan. He is, the often silent, master influencer behind what we do.

Todd’s been in the business for more than 40 years and we are insanely lucky that he decided to join our team.

Interestingly, Todd explains that he’s really more on the “artistic” side of things. Why?...Because he says that he helps people “make their businesses more beautiful.”

—That’s pretty badass.

Todd has been an entrepreneur, a business coach, a yoga teacher, a consultant, a key-note speaker, an investor, a partner, a business owner, a deal maker, a manager, a concierge, and a coordinator.

When Todd comes to work for a company he looks at its very roots. When he examines what’s beneath the soil, he not only knows what the tree is going to look like – but what it “should” look like. He knows that companies prosper when the employees are team members, when those team members are treated like valuable individuals, and when those valued individuals are happy and thriving.

When you have thriving workers who care, then the collective creativity, production, and value of the work, carries not only promise, but delivers a tangible asset to all projects that make it through the company doors.

He has built his own system of management and coordination based on three elements. These three elements work together in a flow of harmony with a push-pull that keeps things energized, motivated, progressive, and in check at all times.

Service     —     Excellence    —     Commitment

When these core values structure the foundational roots of an organization, then whatever comes to grow in that environment, will flourish.

“I build bridges.” Todd says, “Not walls.”

And why does he say this? Bridges between all stakeholders, including team members, clients, partners, vendors, and patrons allow the free, uninhibited flow, of ideas and information. Walls prevent growth.

Todd makes sure that everything we do at Team Maryjane is in the best interest of our clients, our business, the collective partnership, and that everyone involved absolutely loves what they’re doing. That’s what keeps the momentum to success moving forward, because all involved, truly care.

And when you bring talented people together who care—success is the only option.

We are thrilled to have Todd as part of the Team Maryjane family!