Why Twitter is still a great tool for marketing cannabis brands digitally.

Yes, Your Cannabis Brand (Still) Needs to be on Twitter.

In social media by Nicole Flanigan

When it comes to effectively marketing cannabis brands and businesses, Twitter is one of the best tools in your social media toolbox. Not only is it an uber-successful social media platform on its own with 340 million users checking into it daily around the world, its usefulness as a digital marketing tool is unfaltering and it has been for years.

Twitter isn’t going anywhere.

There are new posts published by content marketing agencies every day that talk about new and improved social sites and social sites specifically tailored for the cannabis industry that you need to be on board with, and while they’re good to be a part of, the majority of your customers are still hanging out on Twitter.

Twitter has been around for a solid 12 years now, and even with the constant ebb and flow of digital trends coming and going, Twitter stays the same because it is one of the largest social platforms in the world. It makes it easy for you to build and maintain connections with your audience and customer base even as a cannabis-minded business. Twitter isn’t going away, so you need to ensure your success with it.

Here are four reasons that Twitter is an effective marketing tool in the cannabis industry that you still need to utilize:

1. Twitter is Great for Brand Development

Twitter is another great medium for you to use your voice and develop your brand even further. If your company is new to twitter, you won’t have many followers and you’ll be fighting for the attention of your audience, which means you’ll need to diversify your messages Tweet a lot at first to capture more eyeballs on your posts. Somewhere between 5 and 20 short messages per day is a good place to start. Make sure that your tweets have your distinctive personality and voice that will match the vibe your brand gives off in other areas, such as your website. Send out all sorts of tweets and monitor how your audience responds so that you can determine which tweets work best for the audience you’re trying to target.

2. Twitter is Useful for Collecting Analytical Data

You can collect all sorts of data about user behaviors, demographics and interests by putting your company on Twitter. Twitter for Business is a tool that shows your engagement on Twitter and hooking it up to other analytical tools can help you learn a lot about the types of people in your audience. Twitter can help you find your target audience, see how they’re engaging with your competition and even how they’re talking to each other about your brand. Find out which hashtags and keywords your audience likes to use and start participating in relevant conversations! Twitter also makes it possible for you to save keyword/hashtag searches so you can keep checking into ongoing conversations regularly.

3. Twitter Makes it Easy to Communicate with your Audience Directly

Lately, people are turning to social media to ask companies quick questions about their products and services. Twitter is also a great customer service tool that makes it possible for you to engage with individuals directly. You can use Twitter to engage one-on-one with an individual in your audience or you can answer customer-service type questions. Both help your brand create and maintain better relationships with your audience when you communicate using your brand’s core voice.

4. You Can Promote Your Content with Twitter

Brands exist on Twitter because they can offer something valuable to the Twittersphere: Content. You should be using twitter for more than quick updates. Use it to post other original pieces of content you create, like videos, blog posts, podcast episodes, and more. Keep in mind that you need a good mix of content from other sources that your audience might enjoy along with your own to keep your audience interested. Use curated content on twitter to help your audience. Demonstrate that you’re on twitter to create a cultural dialogue and that you’re not trying to sell your products constantly.

Using Twitter for digital marketing success in the cannabis industry.

Twitter isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s one of the most useful social platforms out there for marketing a cannabis brand. Your brand can still use these effective methods to give proper direction to your digital marketing strategy. By utilizing these tips you can expect to see more user-generated content which can lead to more sales, better relationships with your customer base, and a better reputation.

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