Since Cannabis companies are limited on what they how and where they can advertise, a great social media strategy is key. And it’s free.

Social Media doesn’t cost you anything to do yourself. And Team Maryjane provides the resources your business needs to succeed. We use data and analysis of multivariate testing to provide strategic marketing guidance. Not only can we help you understand how potential clients interact with your brand and website, but we also help companies setup, manage, and optimize their online marketing strategies.

Our Specialties:

  • Adwords and Adcenter Pay Per Click Advertising 
  • Adwords Display and Managed Placements 
  • YouTube Sponsored Ads and Videos 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Sponsored Tweets 
  • Business Specific Sponsorships 
  • Cost Per View Advertising (CPV) 
  • Cost Per Impression Advertising (CPI) 
  • Cost Per Acquisition Advertising (CPA) 
  • Copy Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization

Our experience providing priceless insight into your business and valuable recommendations for optimizing marketing strategies have helped make us a go-to partner for local and national businesses. Our local business partnerships with targeted marketing firms and business development professionals give our clients peace of mind as they work with the best experts in the area for each of their needs.

We pride ourselves on Multivariable Testing to Optimize your Website and Ad Copy. With a background in math, anthropology, sociology, and finance, our social media team seeks to understand your business, interpret the market, and give you peace of mind. Our attention to detail and quick response to changes in the market provides you with the data you need to make strategic decisions about your business.


social media and how it relates to cannabis companies

What you can get for just $297 per month:

  • Daily Posting to Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.
    • You’ll get fresh, relevant content posted to your social media accounts once a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Consistency and engagement for your community; time and peace-of-mind for you.
  • Individualized content, including articles, images, and videos
    • We will post a variety of content specifically selected for your business to create the best Facebook pages and Twitter posts, all of which will work to demonstrate your expertise, appeal to your target audience, and spark interest within your social media communities.
  • Ongoing promotion of your products and services
    • Years of experience in social media marketing has taught us how to strike just the right balance of self-promotion on social media. We’ll strategically post links on your social media pages to get people clicking through to your site to learn more about your offers.
  • Content curation and customization by a well-educated, well-trained US-based Content Specialist
    • You can rest assured the content we post on your social media profiles will be high quality and will match wonderfully with your business.
  • Social profile optimization to maximize your visibility
    • We’ll review your social media profiles to ensure they’re complete, and to make it easier for customers and prospects to find you online.

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  1. I am interested in your services, however your prices seem to good to be true. I was wondering if you can show me an example of a company you work with. I want to see the type of content you guys post. If it looks good I am willing to sign an agreement immediately.

    1. Hi Amr,

      Please get in touch with us at (720) 924-1932. We can show you what we are currently doing for our clients and come up with the perfect plan to showcase your business on social media.

      Thank you! –Nicole

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