sean hakes seo

Search Engine Optimization 

Today’s marketplace is digital – and it’s safe to say it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Each click is an opportunity to start a conversation with a customer. As a online marketing visionary, I’m here to help you capture as many of those conversation opportunities as possible – while keeping your bottom line in the black.

As an internet technologist and digital marketer with over a decade of professional experience leading both the online marketing efforts and technical direction of some of the nation’s leading “.com’s,” I have a passion for making a difference, creating new things and making products and services that make a difference in everyday lives.

Since 2014, Sean Hakes plays an important role with U.S. District Court serving as an SEO expert witness and has since given his expert opinion in some of today’s highest-profile SEO related lawsuits.

Over the years, Sean has built and sold a handful of highly successful online businesses including two SEO firms. Most recently, in 2011 Sean Hakes sold Jemsu (formally Denver SEO, Inc) to investors out of Boise, ID.