samanthaDigital Analyst/Advertising

“Challenge the status quo and solve problems with creativity and agility.” -Samantha Bedford

Elevating client’s digital media to new heights is the goal and mantra of our leading Digital Analyst and Advertising expert, Samantha Bedford.

Close to 20 years of career experience in the digital space, a bachelor’s in marketing, paid search, social, video and display, analytics, landing page multivariate testing, attribution modeling, data analysis, franchise marketing, and on and on… We honestly couldn’t list out all she’s done. The list is too long.

But it isn’t really about her impressive background and resume, it’s the underlying passion for her roles that sets Sam apart. She’s been in the digital space her entire career because it is who she is. She has watched the digital world grow from the inception of Google to the massive web connections and social interactions most of us experience everyday.

From the beginning of her career, Sam has been a part of the evolving environment. She has seen digital marketing change from simply putting something on the web, into a the specifically targeted, extensively researched, strategic approach it takes today.

An industry leader, she’s always been on top of new and developing technologies along with developing her own, personally developed cutting-edge practices. Sam is a rare find. Consistent to ensure best-in-class innovative campaigns for all clients, each one is different, each one is specialized.

Already with years of experience in the cannabis space, Sam brings her solid understanding of the industry to each client we serve. With deep and personal honor, Sam offers her vibrant passion to work in support of this tremendous healing plant.

Imagine what she can do for you…


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