Our Public Relations team are two Denver-area public relations veterans who provide communication services for the rapidly growing, legalized cannabis industry. Peter Kowalchuk, most recently of Republic Airways Holdings and Frontier Airlines, along with former Rocky Mountain News Reporter, Jerry Brown, who also was a member of the corporate PR staff of US WEST for many years. 

“With legalization, Colorado’s cannabis industry was rapidly thrust from the shadows and into the limelight,” Kowalchuk says. “Ironically, that made it more challenging, not less, for cannabis professionals to tell their stories. Our goal is to help growers, sellers and others providing services in this exciting and ever-changing industry tell their stories and tell them well.”

“We’ve spent a lot of time working to meet industry players in Colorado and beyond,” Brown says, “and we’re impressed with the expertise and integrity of the people in Colorado’s cannabis industry. We look forward to continuing to help the many dedicated professionals who are building this exciting, interesting and expanding new industry.”

Public Relations, Communications … whatever you call it … is one very important and useful means of getting targeted stories told to a specific public at the lowest cost, with the highest potential return on investment.

Do any of these refer to you?

  • New company?
  • New product?
  • New technology?
  • New use of an existing technology?
  • Need qualified employees?
  • New people on your team?
  • A good deed for your community?
  • Need investors?

The possibilities are endless. All are stories that need to be told. And all are issues that will benefit from stories well told.

These stories will help build a brand. They’ll help position a company to succeed in a highly competitive and crowded marketplace. They will help show that a company is keeping a promise made to its customers, potential customers and neighbors, to create good will in the community, to create awareness that will promote profitable growth and expansion.

After Colorado’s cannabis industry had its legal coming out, hundreds of people rushed to apply for licenses to establish grow and retail operations. Early reports claimed that Denver had more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks coffee shops. Business boomed.

Then many businesses, both existing and new, realized that cannabis represented a possible gold mine for them as well: legal firms, business process consultants, construction companies, human resource firms, financial consultants, software developers, real estate firms, and experts in a wide range of fields from building, lighting, soils, organics and more.

So many experts, so many businesses, so many needs. So many stories that need to be told, and the many cannabis meetups weren’t the proper venue to differentiate one company from the other.

How does a young software development company get the word out about its just-developed POS application? What does a cash-strapped startup with an innovative cannabis delivery device do to prepare its prospects to create demand and pull for its product? How can a cannabis grow or dispensary improve its image in the community? How can a cannabis business respond to allegations of wrongdoing?

The answer? Brown and Kowalchuk have had successful careers solving similar issues in the corporate world and as independent consultants using well-planned and implemented public relations efforts.

“But too often,” Kowalchuk says, “planning for these events takes a back seat to business setup, product development and making, not on spending money.”

Anyone who might find themselves in front of a camera or talking to a print reporter absolutely must have media training to understand how the media work and to avoid all the pitfalls both Peter and Jerry experienced early in their careers…and traps they even set up during our days as working reporters.

There are a lot of stories to tell and lots ways to tell them. This is what we do.

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  1. I am a retired NFL player who farmed 5 acres of high CBD hem this last year outside of Boulder,CO.

    I am now directing my resources to building a retail brand, Remedi Hemp.

    Let’s chat.

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