1.8 BILLION people are online. It takes more than just a website to make an impact in that crowd. To reach more people, you need a strategy that opens the door to meaningful engagement.

While many web design companies start with the design of the website and then think about what content should fill it, our approach is more strategic. We develop the brand, content and web strategy first and then design the website as an implementation tool of that strategy.

Since your web presence is the vehicle that attracts the right prospects — your next customers — to your company, your website should be highly usable. It should intuitively guide members of your audience to the content they care about most. And It should entice them to engage with you on a more meaningful level. Much like the base of a high-rise, you need a strong foundation to ensure your web presence ends up doing all of those things, and more.


A successful business strategy requires a solid plan prior to launch, and your web presence is no different. The process of developing your high-performing web presence will follow three major phases:

Phase 1: Foundation

Because strategy is the most important factor behind everything you do online, we won’t even talk website design until we’ve established:

  • Your Strategic Goals – What do you want your website to do?

  • Your Customer Personas – Who are your customers?

  • Your Brand Strategy – What and how do you want your customers to think about you?

  • Your Content Strategy – Where are they, and what are they searching for?

  • Your Website Strategy – What do your customers want to see? Next to content,  the layout of your website is the most critical component of your website.

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Phase 2: Website

First impressions are everything. Knowing this, your new website will be good-looking, informative and easy to navigate in order to influence a visitor’s initial perception of not only the site’s value, but also the value of the information you provide, ultimately encouraging visitors to take action.

Your new website will serve you as a long-term asset. It will be fully manageable, engaging, informative and educational. It will work as an online marketing platform, and it will provide valuable tracking and metrics.

It needs to be fully responsive, so no matter what sized device they’re looking on, they can read it easily. It needs to be customized and not look like everyone else’s. And it needs to be search engine optimized. If Google can’t find you, your customers won’t be able to either.

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Phase 3: Marketing

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that often involves multiple content creators, different customers, outside influencers, and multiple topics and formats (online and offline).

Managing the execution, measurement and management of all this can be tricky. We’ve found that a comprehensive editorial calendar, editorial style guide and clear definition of who will fill what roles in the execution of your content marketing plan is vital.

But where do you market? We’ve already determined where your customers are. Now we must determine how to market to them. Do we run pay-per-click ads, advertise in magazines, run social media campaigns, or dump all your money in search engine optimization? Depending on your budget, it will be a combination of all of the above.

We will break down the specific tasks and roles necessary to the successful implementation of your content marketing plan and work with you to ensure that each is filled in the most efficient way possible.

Or you can just have us run it all for you.​​ 🙂

You run your business. We’ll run your marketing.


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