Nicole Flanigan content writer for the cannabis industryContent Writer/Editor

Nicole Flanigan is the Ambassador of Buzzwords at Team Maryjane. She is a self-made entrepreneur who entered the marketing space at the age of 15, by managing social media for small clients in her hometown of Melbourne, Florida. After bouncing around the east coast for a while, she spontaneously packed up and moved to Colorado to pursue educational opportunities and a change of scenery. Upon her arrival, she soon realized that the cannabis industry was her true calling when she landed her first dispensary client in Colorado Springs. She also soon found out that her passion was actually writing and educating people on the industry through the power of storytelling more than her initial interest in social media.

After all, you can’t have a good social media marketing plan without a solid content marketing plan to back it up!

After a few years of writing for companies like Leafbuyer and several smaller dispensaries and concentrate companies, Nicole has been able to see the ins and outs of the cannabis world commercially, scientifically, and of course, at the consumer level, making it possible to inform, entertain, explain, persuade, argue, evaluate, or express opinions on subjects from cannabinoids at the molecular level to how to pick out a quality dab nail.

In her spare time, Nicole enjoys reading and writing, hiking, and cross stitch. You can find her on LinkedIn or check out her adventures with her dog by following her on Snapchat.

We are thrilled to have her as part of Team Maryjane.

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