The New Trend of Marijuana Pairings With Meals and Wine : The Foodies Will Be Happy

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Yum. The munchies have never tasted so good. When you have culinary professionals carefully choosing a menu selection to go with a particular strain of cannabismagic happens. Magic happens in your mouth and in your mind, probably your body too—depending.

gourmet food.png

It’s been all the rage in California with famous chefs and artisanal growers creating pop-up catering events with special, invite-only, short lists of attendees.

It makes you want to know what you have to do to get invited. The exclusivity is attractive, even if our bigger selves can rebel against it. But in this case, yeah, I’d feel pretty cool to be on that list.

Then, there’s Colorado based Cultivating Spirits which offers three course dinner/wine/cannabis pairings, whenever you like to book. You get three strains to try with each different course. Or, they offer “cannabis tours” with tastings of cannabis and wine. If I was a tourist, I’d be curious.

While I have yet to attend an event of this variety, I can see the potential. I mean, I wonder if they plan the timing as well, for when the THC would be expected to trigger appetite. And the sky’s the limit on variety. Some proprietors may blend the cannabis into the food, a savory pumpkin soup perhaps, or laced decadently in lemon bars. Or, instead, the cannabis may be served along side the dish in an expertly rolled joint, or vape pen perhaps, timed with the meal.

*I wonder if they have to go outside for the no-smoking laws. Hmm.

It’s also a way local, small growers, can highlight their particular flavors of marijuana. Business matches of chef and grower are certain to continue sprout.

The creativity is inspiring! And movement towards the general trend for greater understanding and acceptance of this amazing plant, is just what this country needs. More weed.


The truth is, these fine dining experiences can be done in your own home or dinner party. There are cannabis cookbooks and recipes that have been available for a while now. It’s the trend is making the idea pop. So many of us love those social media image posts of carefully draped tables topped with luscious cupcakes or savory chicken piccata. So expertly decorated with just the right light and color contrasts. The picture in the photo looks like the best damn meal we’ve ever seen. And it makes us want it.

So yes, let’s blend in cannabis to that gorgeous forray of creative pairings and expressions of our gastronomic desires. Dine on.


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