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Team Maryjane Throws an Open House

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Team Maryjane Has a Kick Ass Party

Well that was a total blast!

We moved all the furniture. We vacuumed the stairs. We put pretty flowers on the tables with tremendous care. We got ourselves a brand new sign, shiny and bold. One for the front and one for the back, both just right. Then we graciously and excitedly opened our doors to our first ever Open House! Life was good.

We totally partied. Tons of people showed up. We had drinks. We laughed. We had a photo-booth—which made us laugh even harder (especially after everyone had a few more drinks). Friends, colleagues, industry professionals, and maybe even a few random stragglers joined us. All were welcome!

We were smart and had it catered by Elevated Catering out of Denver. They made us Maryjane inspired h’ors d’oeuvres. They made us exotic drinks. They brought a well suited staff. They brought all the table cloths and tables. They even brought the napkins. It was perfect.

We asked for a $5 donation for drinks and raised just under $200 for Dolls for Daughters, a local Charity. It felt awesome and we had a great time sharing the donation with them. Read this to hear more about it.

So in case you were wondering, and as far as open house’s go, ours was pretty bad ass. And everyone looked so fancy! Dressed in their best to impress the rest! (I just made up that rhyme. I think it sounds kinda cool!)[th_gallery ids=’1300,1299,1298′ link=’file’ isSlider=’true’ autoPlay=’true’]

Oh yeah, and did I mention the 1.5 ft red velvet olive cake for Josh’s birthday? Yeah. That was pretty funny. And insanely delicious! We had cake for days! And it got better each time. Oh shoot. I’m digressing and talking about cake…


Right! So anyway, the party couldn’t have gone better. We plan on having more, so if you are in town make sure we send you an invite!

Team Maryjane rocks the house.