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Employee Spotlight: Amber Irwin, Social Media Goddess!

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Every Tuesday morning Amber leans down to lace up her well-worn sneakers. She joins a group of peppy retirees in Palm Harbor Florida and goes for a 5 mile walk along the beach of the Dunedin Causeway. She gets to look out at those tranquil waves, lapping on the shore, and knows lucky she is. You see, this is all new.

Last October, she and her husband, Charles were watching T.V. There was a show on HGTV talking about the relaxed pace of life in the beach communities around Palm Harbor. And that was it. Amber decided that a new adventure awaited them across the country. Having lived in Colorado their whole lives, Amber and Charles were ready for something fresh. So they sold everything they owned, including their home, packed up the remaining essentials, including their daughter and dog, and drove off into the proverbial sunset.

They drove and drove, across 5 states and hours of breathtaking American landscape. Their joyful little 3 ½ year old daughter in the backseat, bursting with excitement in anticipation of their new life, kept everyone happy, if not well rested.

And life—is wonderful!

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As if that piece of bliss isn’t enough, Amber does yoga every Thursday morning. She rocks that tree pose, grounds, centers, finds that center of balance in
her life and then masterfully executes social media campaigns.

She started her own business when she was 23 and never looked back. She first started taking clients almost 8 years ago, and she still has almost all of them, save those who transitioned into other businesses.

You see, Amber is different. She isn’t just a social media gal that yanks out posts for Facebook or slings viral posts for twitter. She becomes the voice of a customer. She researches. She learns. She takes the time to get in the heart and soul of a message and finds the precise, strategic approach to deliver those words to the world. She distills pages of information into drops of wisdoms that speak volumes—specifically, in 140 characters or less.

We were lucky to find her through a friend of a friend just over a year ago, and when we began to see what she could do, we snatched her right up. Lucky, lucky us—and lucky for our customers!

When conducting our interview for this piece, Amber couldn’t stop talking about all the things she loved. Doesn’t that speak volumes about a person?

Amber Irwin social media goddess's red footed tortisesAmber Irwin social media goddess's pit bull dogShe spoke of her cuddly pit bull named Bodhi (named after Patrick Swayze’s surfer character in Point Break). She spoke of her profound love for her husband and daughter. She spoke of her love for her work and clients. And she spoke of her adorable red-footed tortoises, Mavis, and GG Emily that were her first Florida, Black Friday purchase.

I thought that was pretty funny. I mean, most people buy televisions, or bedroom furniture and Amber buys two tortoises. But hey, that’s cool. Very cool actually. And way better than a T.V. I mean, look at how cute they are!

So what about cannabis?

Amber does all of Team Maryjane’s social media marketing and we couldn’t be happier. She understands that the cannabis space is a field of work that is up against a history of propaganda that blur the positive qualities of it’s product. She sees legitimate businesses struggle to find their way, and wants to help. She sees families go without access to cannabis as medicine, and wants that to change. She consistently posts comments and links that seek to educate the greater population on what this amazing plant really does.

And we think she’s doing a great job so far…

So, while she’s not snowboarding anymore and has instead, turned to ocean swimming, kayaking, and becoming a craft beer connoisseur, she can do what she does from anywhere, so why not the beach?

Amber Irwin social media goddess and her husbandImagine an awesome mom, hand in hand with her partner and daughter, walking next to their energetic canine along the beach for sunsets and ocean waves, and you have a glimpse into Amber’s life. And when you take that tranquil energy and put it at the heart of the sometimes, cold world of social media, you have a malleable voice to project messages, with heart and passion to motivate consumer bases—unlike anyone else.

And that’s why we love her…and why you will too.

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