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Digital Marketing Strategy for the Cannabis Industry, Part 1/5

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Digital Marketing Strategy for the Marijuana Industry (Part 1 of 5) 

Welcome to part one in our series about digital marketing strategy!

We at Team Maryjane are super excited to launch our new digital marketing strategy series for our readership…and the world! Clients and friends alike are asking us all the time what a digital marketing strategy really is, and why they should care.

As our nation becomes more open to the cannabis industry and understanding the legitimacy of marijuana as medicine, new businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as established companies, are all rushing to try to provide a piece of something very important to our entire community. As a Denver Marketing Agency, we want to help them. Creating and launching successful internet marketing strategies is, after all, our job!

This is the first of a five part online marketing strategy series. Get ready to learn some pretty awesome and important stuff that will help you be better at what you do. Or you can hire us to do it for you!

Part 1: Digital Marketing Strategy – The Digital Marketing Plan

What is a digital marketing strategy anyway?

An online marketing strategy is actually what we call a “channel strategy.” This means it should take a research-identified potential customer and steer, or channel, their behavior including their activity in the marketplace, to specifically where a company or brand wishes them to go. This plan should include channel integration and how a brand will encourage users to become brand advocates, which are lifelong and loyal customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Key Points

All Online Marketing should support sustainable business practices, not detract from them. As in, they certainly shouldn’t be wasting 40 percent of what you put into them. In order for that to be true, you must have a solid digital marketing plan that allows you to make strategic decisions for anticipated growth, because you know what’s working and what’s not. That’s the point.

Most businesses today have a website, social media, a blog, and an email campaign. Many cannabis business are still so new that they’re just learning about all the digital media they need. All of it is important. Any business who wants to have a visible and interactive presence in this rapidly expanding industry needs to embrace a variety of digital marketing tactics. But here’s the important part: While many businesses have invested in at least a few digital marketing tactics …

-It’s often just for the sake of having them.

As in, there’s is no strategic plan behind them. As in, there’s then no way of tracking and evaluating their effectiveness. Oops.

Don’t you want your digital marketing to actually increase sales?

Of course you do. And, lucky for you, we’re going to teach you some of the most important things, right here, in this 5 part series.

We will cover:

  • Overall online/digital marketing strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Understanding your customer/Buyer Personas
  • Understanding your Market/Competitive Intelligence
  • Content strategy and promotion


When every topic has been covered, you’ll know that your online marketing strategy is spent on directly supporting your organizational goals in real, measurable, and tangible ways. And if it’s not, you’ll know how to fix it.

In other words…

Good digital marketing connects your business to real people and shows them how your products or services are going to make their lives better.

Good digital marketing directly supports your vision, mission, values, and goals.

Good digital marketing includes several elements that should be anticipated, tracked, measured, and adjusted, to meet the needs of your business helping your customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy for the Cannabis Industry | Denver Marketing Company

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Closing thoughts

Digital marketing in the cannabis industry isn’t that different from the rest. Your customers want to know they can trust you. They need to know what you stand for. They want to like you. Your digital marketing tactics should channel your audience to the reasons why they “should” feel that way. In other words, your digital marketing strategy should actually show customers how your company can legitimately help them.

And it’s great fun. It really is. You have a product or service that you believe in. You simply need a plan to show the world why you believe in it so much. Why is your brand so amazing?

Show them.

…And then make sure they remember you.

That brings us to the topic of Part 2 of our Digital Marketing Series—Branding. Stay tuned to discover key elements of how to make your cannabis brand the Apple of the marijuana industry.

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