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Customer Showcase: Cannabis Insurance Solutions

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Gerry Jones on the phone today, their VP of marketing and business development, and he said, “There’s just nothing really exciting about insurance.”

And I thought…wanna bet?

He tells me this story. A family gets enough money to start their own cannabis business, maybe a couple of acres to grow an organic strain popular with medical and rec. users alike…

You can see it, right?…

Marijuana Cannabis Manufacturing

So this family has all of their funds pouring into this grow. They’ve carefully planted each seed, cultivated the plants in the right soil, humidity, and temperature. It’s something they believe in, a close friend perhaps off of chemotherapy because of its medical uses. It’s beautiful. It’s healthy and growing. They’ve harvested a crop. Things are looking up.

And then…?

Wait for it…

There’s a fire…

ROAR! Bright orange engulfing flames of heat devour all in its path, all because of one teeny, tiny wire that malfunctioned. It takes everything out. In a couple of hours, the plants are burned, the irrigation system is destroyed, the panels of the greenhouse are charred and cracked. It’s ruined. And so is the financial stability of this family. They can’t file for bankruptcy. They can’t get a loan to rebuild. They gambled everything and lost. They have no protection.

Because of the federal laws around cannabis, the family business seemed less legitimate than it really was and now they don’t get the same protections as other small companies. But they should.

These are real people. These are real businesses. This is real money.

Here’s where Cannabis Insurance Solutions comes in. They’re the ones that can help. They’re the ones that can insure these legitimate businesses who that don’t have the kind of federal protections as others.

That sounded pretty exciting to me!

Armored truck carrying cannabisI didn’t really understand any of that before. It made sense when Gerry explained it, but I just never thought about it. All those businesses, from yummy cannabis caramels, needing to make sure they have the right equipment, to dispensaries terrified of how much cash they have on hand, to large grows delivering pounds of marijuana to their rightful place, they offer protection.

That makes sense right? You would want insurance for those kinds of scenarios. I mean, I’d want thousands of dollars of product insured as I had a driver going hundreds of miles. Wouldn’t you?

This is the kind of business Team Maryjane believes in. This is the kind of company we are thrilled to work with. This is also the kind of business that no one could find! They needed help. OUR help.

We met with them and developed a customized digital strategy to target their specific marketing goals. So…

Cannabis Insurance Solutions

  • We made their logo.

  • We redid their website.

  • We updated their content.

                            ….And then, we *SEO’d the heck out of it!

When we first listed it, they came up on page seven-million-six-hundred-eighty-seven-thousand-four-hundred-and-thirty-six by Google… or you know, or something close to that. And now…

They’re on page 2.

That’s after just 3 months of working with us. They are one of our regular monthly recurring clients. We get to know their brand and are helping connect their future clients with them. It’s Win-Win.

*(And by the way, in case you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, or as we like to call it, Search Experience Optimization. Basically, it means how a person searches and finds a company online. It’s a tremendously and ridiculously complicated method and collection of algorithms that gets a company to rank on search engines where you would like them).

That’s definitely exciting I’d say. Cannabis Insurance Solutions are offering a service like no other. They are truely “Protecting the Dream” of clients, and partners, and who knows, maybe you.

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