Content Marketing Strategy, What is it? Part 2/3

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…and why is content marketing strategy important for the cannabis industry.

Hi again!

We’re back with Part 2 of just how important content marketing strategy is for cannabis businesses. Part 1 is here. In this segment we will be focusing on 2 main points: 

1. New Consumers  2.Tricky Laws

For starters, take look at Hubspot. While they aren’t a cannabis company, they get the content marketing strategy part done right. They have tomes of content that does nothing but help their brand and business. All by providing something of value for their consumers.

Now let’s take a look at a cannabis company working their content like a boss. The Cannabist, has been creating a ton of varied and engaging content for a couple of years now. As a result, they currently enjoy an authority position online. They are referenced on many related sites. Their content is linked and shared all over the industry. They have a solid foundation of followers that track their content output and stay involved with their brand. It’s fun, funny, engaging, and a good example to follow. Good job guys!

Not a bad example to consider…

It proves the point that…

Good things come to those who provide good content.

content marketing in cannabis industry

Image by Digital Ralph

You might be understanding at this point how Content Marketing is basically your best friend in the cannabis space.

Here’s one of the most helpful things it does:

It allows those in the industry to inform an entirely new population of marijuana users that differ radically from the stereotype. We are past the days of long haired hippies smoking out of homemade potato pipes. We are marketing to stay-at-home moms, business professionals, busy parents, the elder population, health junkies, cancer and pain patients, and so on. Read more on that here, or here.

Content Marketing does this!

Content Marketing allows a cannabis business to:

  • Expand and diversify their consumer base.
  • Offers the platform to establish and/or increase online sales.
  • Allows a brand to increase positive feelings including trust and credibility among its audience.
  • Creates a valuable online community of users that can turn consumers into:
    1. Brand advocates!
    2. Disseminators of information.
    3. A data pool for use in all of your strategic future decisions (strategy comes in part 3!)

Just think about it! The new consumers of cannabis are almost everyone over the age of 21 for recreational, and all ages for medical, (should their physician deem it appropriate).

You have the option to speak to all of these people! And the best part is, is that because they are a mainly uninformed demographic, they are eager learners. They genuinely need education and they’re most definitely searching for it online. They are waiting for it…

For instance you may want to write articles that center around your cannabis company’s knowledge of…

“Cannabis Extracts for Athletes.” Or “Cannabis Oil for pairings of Fall flavors for this year’s wine celebration.” Or, “Cannabis patches for that stubborn low upper-back pain. Now hunch comfortably while typing away at your desk!”

Ok, those last two probably don’t have the most optimized titles, but they’re meant to show you that you need to be writing things that your specific consumer base wants to know. Then, when they type their question into the search box, it will eventually, hopefully, bring them to your page.

And then voila! You have offered them something of value.

They have just had a positive experience with your brand! Now they will remember you better. Now they have a foundation for trusting your brand and expertise on the matter, since you already helped them.

See how that works? I know. It’s awesome. Just like I said…your best friend…

So now, besides being more important—

How is content marketing different for the cannabis industry?

content marketing in cannabis industry

Remember, it’s not that different.

It’s on the same platform. You still want to share it, link it, blog it, email it, e-book it, white page it, newsletter-it, research it, state opinions about it, etc, etc, etc… like all other content delivery outlets.

But, it is different because of…

  1. The vague and changing laws around it, leading to potential issues around what and how you can market cannabis. Few other industries have to deal with this, and it is annoying.
  2. The rebranding of the entire industry with the new, wide, and largely uninformed, new consumer base, mentioned earlier.

Number one is the only potential roadblock. Number two is just another way of saying “MASSIVE NEW OPPORTUNITY,” that hopefully no one missed.

Think of other industries that have been rebranded. The best example really is alcohol after prohibition ended, but that is a historical cultural example, not a modern one. There is a tremendous opportunity to trail blaze in this industry, which is part of what makes it so exciting and rewarding.

As for the legality, stay conservative to stay safe. Use common sense. Keep your posts informational. If you’re really worried, and sites and posts do get taken down, retain an attorney to advise you. Or better yet, feel free to hire some experts, like us, that make that part easy.

Easy as pie, I mean pot, or maybe cannabis infused pumpkin pie…Yes. That’s definitely it.

Time for a Recap!

Now you know:

  • What content and content marketing is.
  • That it’s basically a different way of saying online marketing or digital marketing because content marketing is simply what you say to people online.
  • That the laws around cannabis make it tricky to market traditionally
  • That content is your best friend in the marijuana industry to gain a supportive consumer base
  • That the rebranding of cannabis opens the doors to new, uninformed users.

Now you’re ready for the next step!

What are you going to create content about?

Ah…yes… the strategy part! Arguably, the most important part.

Remember the example of snapping a quick video of your turtle eating breakfast? People really do post that stuff, but does that help your brand? If not, then what is going to help your brand? What are the questions your consumer base needs answered? How do you find out this stuff and why is it so important that you have a clearly defined strategy about what you’re writing?

Check in for Part 3 where we tell you all about it! Stay tuned!