content marketing in cannabis industry

Content Marketing Strategy, What is it? Part 1/3

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…and why is content marketing strategy important for the cannabis industry.

Let’s start with the basics shall we? Definitions: content and content marketing. 

What is “content?”

You know those headlines you skimmed 5 minutes ago on Facebook? That’s content.

Remember that article you read yesterday? You know the funny one about how microwave waves affects the way kittens purr, or why peanut butter tastes better than any other nut butter, or what the heck is content marketing? That’s all content too.

Content is also those video clips you LOL’ed to this morning while attending to your daily bathroom habits. It’s even that e-book you downloaded on cannabis home growing tips last night when you wondered what to do with that spare room down the hall…

Content is simply the words, pictures, and videos that we read or look at.

Content is both information and communication.

It goes without say, that the information and communication you want to deliver, should be helpful to your brand which takes us to…

What is Content Marketing?

content marketing in cannabis industry

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Content Marketing is when you have a defined and unique audience that you’re speaking to with your blog, vlog, newsletter, or the like, to help your brand be more favorable.

The content is both what you are telling them and how you are telling them.

In other words, Content Marketing is a type of digital marketing that creates, publishes, and distributes that information and communication to an identified customer base.

Basically, Content Marketing is content with a point.

Instead of just blathering all over the page, or filming your turtle nibbling some lettuce and posting up online, brands use content marketing to inform their audience that they know all about something that those audience member really want to know.

Now, if your audience wants to know how box turtles engage their jaw while eating leafy green vegetables, then maybe that clip you made earlier is just the right piece of content for your audience. Could be.

How Different is Content Marketing in the Cannabis Industry?

Like night and day. As different as different can be. Like apples to oranges.

Okay, okay, I’m totally kidding.

But let’s think about that. We do wonder, naturally, if the cannabis industry has some unique qualities that render it an outsider to the mainstream marketing universe. After all, marijuana is an outsider. We all know it’s amazing, and wonderful, and going to change the world etc, but it’s still the underdog. It’s gaining traction and speed at an exponential rate, but still, we all know it’s a little different. So maybe there are differences between marketing marijuana and marketing most everything else.

So here’s the real answer then as to how different content marketing marijuana businesses is…

It’s different, but not that much, and probably not what you think.

Confused yet? Don’t worry, you know I’m going to explain myself, so hang onto your panties.

To start, i’m going to give you one of the best kept secrets of the industry. Ready? Okay, here goes. Content marketing for the marijuana industry is…

Way more important…


content marketing in cannabis industry

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…than most other industries.

Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere…

So, why then, is it more important?

Because think about it. Marijuana is a sticky subject. You can’t advertise it in the traditional sense. There won’t be any Marlboro Man smoking a joint normalizing smoking cannabis as part of our culture. We wouldn’t want that anyway. The Marlboro Man died of lung cancer. Cannabis can help treat cancer and is available in transdermal patches, gummy candies, sublingual sprays, vape pens, and injectable directly into tumors…so yeah…little different.

The point is, you can’t advertise cannabis the way we’ve been brought up with marketing. You can’t advertise it on T.V., billboards are iffy, and it’s very tricky online, including social media. There are no real laws or regulations that are universal. Most things live in a very grey area. Maybe no pictures of flower, or only speaking of cannabis indirectly, rather than “here it is at my dispensary, come get it.” Some places yes, some places no, and it’s changing by the second. But don’t lose heart.

What you can do, which is quite incredibly powerful, is create content! You can share all you know about it. People want to know about marijuana in all its forms. They want to know they can get a topical rub of CBD oil for their knee pain that beats the medicated rubs they’ve been using for years. If you’ve got one, or even if you know of a good one, they genuinely want to know.

For more on how to find out what they want to know, you can see our part 3 section on Content Marketing Strategy, which is right around the corner. For now, stay tuned for Part 2 of this series to dive deeper into what makes content marketing different for the marijuana industry.

And of course remember, we’re happy to do all of this you!

You can focus on running your business and we can run your marketing!