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Employee Spotlight: Sean Hakes

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The buckshot entered the back of his skull almost the same time it left the shotgun…

standing in a collection of trees, obscured in the line of vision of his friend sounding off a wake-up call. It was time for their breakfast. Not for Sean. Not for the rest of them either, as they rushed to the hospital praying to whatever they believed in, to get Sean through—alive.

Please. Please. Please. Alive.

The shot went through bone and entered his cerebellum at the base of his brain. The pellets dispersed and it flattened out. It didn’t go any further. And that’s what saved his life, that, and Sean’s “thick skull.” Literally, he has a thick skull.

His life was spared, but his vision was not, and Sean spent over a year thinking he would be blind for the rest of his life. Amazingly, in 2007, past the first anniversary of his very legitimate traumatic brain injury, his vision returned.

That’s what Sean tells me about when I ask him the question of “what’s something interesting about you?”

First time I got to hear a story like that. Usually, it’s some bizarre favorite flavor of ice cream, like bacon, or that they were adopted, and while indeed, those are interesting tidbits, it’s not your friend shooting you in the back of the head. Yep. Sean wins for “The Most Interesting Story” award. Not that we have one, but if we did…

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’m going to switch gears to tell you what Sean does for Team Maryjane, since he miraculously survived a buckshot to the head.

Sean Hakes SEO Wizard Sean is our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wizard. I reference magic here, because that’s certainly what it seems to be he works with. Clients go from being invisible to all of a sudden appearing on  page one or two of searches. How does he do that?

I mean, it may have something to do with his almost 20 years experience. The information may be in one of the dozens of books he’s read on the subject. After hearing him explain how he works with optimizing images, fine tunes the scripting language, does back-end auditing for how pages are linked, content optimization, content creation, link development, getting the page load time 2 seconds and under…I thought…yeah, people don’t understand all that goes into this. And no, they certainly shouldn’t do it on their own.

And I’m not putting anyone down of course, but unless you are a SEO professional, then you can’t really understand what goes into it. It’s all cloaked in mystery, and enchanting behind-the-scenes phantasmagoria that makes any business get the traffic it really needs.

All of that, and he simply stumbled upon the profession in a happy accident that led him to his life-long passion. Finding his wife was a bit like that too… said they were completely incompatable, but that didn’t stop Sean from marrying his talented wife 7 years ago and creating two remarkable children with her. Silly

And how cool is this? They take 2-3 months each year and travel together as a family all over the drivable parts of North America. He and his wife Adriana (a wicked badass dj of phat beats and a skilled journalist who runs Castle Rock Community News) are both born and raised in Colorado, but still want to see all that our world has to offer. To satisfy this craving, they galavant around the country with kids in tow. When they’ve had enough rest stops and grand visionary landscapes, they come back to their expansive family network in Colorado.

Pretty sweet set-up if you ask me. He gets to do that since most of his work is done remotely. The beauty of our interconnectedness through technology.

So what does he think about the cannabis industry specifically? Simply, what he thinks about most business ventures, that  they deserve their audience to find them. That the industry is  bursting with potential  as new ideas cover the cannabis sphere in every way imaginable. Sean is going to help us all find them. That’s what he does.

He helps connect businesses to their audience, and people to the products and services that they’re searching for. A simple service, a complicated formula to make it happen, leaving them both with their essential need—to be found.

Just like he can help your audience, find you.


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