Years in the making, welcome to the only website software platform built just for dispensaries.

Easily Add Content or Make Changes to Your Dispensary Website

Anyone you choose in your dispensary will have the ability to log in and make changes or improvements to your website once launched on our platform – even if they have never made a website before. We can set them up as authorized users, or you can even do it yourself!

Our platform is easy to use. On top of that, our unlimited and friendly support makes sure you and your staff always have someone to fall back on if you ever get stuck.

Continuous SEO Improvements

Google is constantly changing the rules, issuing new best practices, and even changing their minds on what you need to do as a website owner to ensure you rank as high as possible in search results.

Our “multi-tenant” software platform allows us to quickly adapt all our clients’ websites – past, present, and future – to the new rules shortly after they are announced. Imagine if every time you took your car in for an oil change, it got new features! More horsepower, better mileage, integration with newer phones, a backup camera…We do this for our clients at no additional charge.

Cool New Features Added Periodically

Our clients never have to pay for responsive design or a new photo gallery. Everyone gets all new features, for free, as we add them. If you have an idea for a helpful new feature we should build, contact us and tell us all about it!

Social Media Integration

Whenever you add new content to your website, you’re just one extra click away from sharing on Facebook and Twitter. Our software can compose posts for you, or you can do it yourself to add creativity and personality to your social media. Either way, you’ll save time and headaches.

Unlimited Free Training & Support

Stuck? Call us or send an email!

We’ll share our screen and guide you through whatever is tripping you up. Plus, we can provide free expert advice and feedback to help your online marketing become a smashing success.

Real-Time Menu and Online Ordering

We connect with all major point of sale and seed to sale services (MJ Freeway, Green Bits, BioTrack THC, etc.) allowing your menu to be displayed in real time on your website. If you find something we don’t connect to, we’ll probably build it into our platform – for free. After all, other clients may want it, too!

See for yourself why our Software Platform is perfect for your dispensary.

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