Digital Advertisements in the Cannabis Industry

How Digital Advertisements Are Working in the Cannabis Industry

In digital marketing by Nicole Flanigan

Here at Team MaryJane, we have committed ourselves to helping our clients make the most out of everything available to cannabis brands in the digital space. One of the options we tend to use and reuse are digital advertisements. As a tool, digital ads are undeniably effective for marketing cannabis products and brands online both regionally and nationally. When it comes to real-time ROI there is no more efficient method. While digital ads continue to make a splash in the cannabis industry and become more and more popular, we’re getting more and more excited to show you exactly what you can accomplish with digital ads. Here’s the scoop:

Industry Progress

Since the beginning of 2018, the cannabis industry is continuing to evolve and expand at a rapid rate. Since January, California went full rec. Virginia approved a medical marijuana program. Vermont made a law allowing the use of recreational cannabis. Cannabis is moving mainstream! Now, all of this is great news for consumers, but for cannabis brands, it means a lot more competition. Because of all this new competition, emerging cannabis brands will need to have a winning marketing strategy in order to gain market share while established cannabrands will need to step their current efforts up in order to retain market share. Essentially, cannabis entrepreneurs and marketers will need to use industry best practices to remain! The professionals who are able to get ahead of the curve will be looking for consistent and thoughtful approaches to their marketing, and one of the ways is by using digital ads.

Slaying the Competition with Digital Marketing

Have you ever noticed the amount of sponsored content showing up on your internet searches and social media feeds? When you see these ads, you are on the receiving (or consumer) side of these digital marketing tactics. When you see sponsored content or other types of digital ads, you should know that they are highly targeted and tailored to you, the consumer. These ads show up in your feed for a number of reasons based on the data collected on your online habits. Cookies keep track of the websites you’ve visited, the products you’ve browsed, what you purchased and where you live. On some platforms, you can even be targeted for digital ads based on your age, income, interests, and level of education. For example, say you’ve been researching houses to buy near Denver. You might start seeing ads on your social media feeds from realtors in the area.

There is an incredible power in branding, engagement, and visibility. As one of the first cannabis marketing agencies in Colorado, we know this all too well.

Finding a Quality Digital Advertising Agency

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to digitally marketing your brand’s products and services. All of these options can be used on their own or alongside other options. An example would be Google Adwords and Yahoo or Bing advertising in the form of infographics, text, or images. The ads are then triggered by search keywords or affinity. These ads are usually regionally targeted or deployed specifically based on a behavior. Additionally, there are stealthy ways to engage with prospective customers who are visiting your competitors online and at their retail locations.

Digital advertising is also great for social media. There are of course a few limitations, but with a tactical approach and years of experience, Team MaryJane gets results. Our social media experts can provide dedicated, focused attention on these digital ad campaigns. Because of this, we are able to make digital advertising possible for companies in the cannabis industry.

Tie it In with Your Other Marketing Efforts

Digital ads can and should be partnered with other marketing activities. We offer a variety of services that pair well with digital advertising including:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Social media management
  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Product launches
  • Partnership promos
  • Newsletter communications
  • Contact management
  • Marketing automation
  • And more!

Additionally, research shows that by re-targeting your ads, you can improve your cclick-throughrates up to 400%. Targeted prospects are likely customers making response rates high for these services. We see a ton of possibilities for our clients with digital ads. However, it all takes time, expertise and of course effort, (which we can provide!). So if you want to dominate the digital space in the cannabis industry, digital ads may be right for you. If you’re interested in getting started, get in touch!