Why Content Writing is Needed in the Cannabis Industry

Quite simply, the marijuana industry is booming. There is so much excitement, so much potential. On one end of the spectrum you have the National Institute of Health admitting there are cancer fighting properties in cannabis and 24 states with legal medical marijuana, to the small yet, quickly growing recreational market. It makes my fingertips tingle just as I’m typing this.

Content writer for social mediaWhat does this have to do with content writing?  Well, let us tell you…

Content writing informs your readers of the constantly changing landscape within the cannabis market, as well as telling readers about your business. As cannabis gets rebranded, how it is portrayed through words has a big part in all of that, but more on that in a moment…

For now, think about that rebranding: new packaging, new ideas, and entirely new marijuana products with a plethora of different forms to explore and expand upon. It is doubtful that any one company can keep ahead of it all. You need friendly, well written, informants to drive your business, and steer it where you want it to go.

Content writing isn’t secondary, or tertiary, it’s primary. It’s the first thing someone sees when they click on your page, read the description of your products, your company, or your mission. The words on your site become your words, the words of the business you want to promote, not just spoken allowed and quickly forgotten, but put in bold typeface, forever indexed in the bowels of the internet. These words tell your readers about who you are and what your business represents, so choose them wisely. Or, better yet, spend your time on your business practices and hire a professional writer to help you craft your vision. You may not have thought of particular language usage yet, or had the time to put an idea down. Quite frankly, you have more important things to do, but that doesn’t mean that the writing isn’t vital to ultimate success.

So now that we’ve got you thinking about how important content writing is, we are taking that a step further: building that vision.

What idea do you want to give your readers about your company?

We are going to let you have some fun with this. Click the link below for a little exercise to help you think about what we mean. Consider four different portrayals of a business selling the exact same thing. You tell us which one fits the audience you are trying to reach. Are you ready? Set. Go. CLICK HERE FOR PORTRAYALS. 

Original content writing makes your site rank higher in searches. Really.

The folks over at Nextfly say, “content is the most important part of a website.” They talk about all sorts of reasons why this is true, the most important being ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Those search crawlers like sites with lots of content and sites that are always adding more. You can never have too much content, they say. That is a big thing to express if you think about it. They even suggest adding blogs every day, not just weekly, if you can. You need a content writer for that, and one with original content. As for Google, the last Panda algorithm gives preference to those sites with original content and obviously plagiarizing is a huge no-no, it’s honestly so unprofessional we won’t even bother going on about it here.

Content is king, (or queen, or gender non-conforming royalty)

There are three things that good content writing should do for your business: make people want to read your content, teach them something, and inspire or motivate them to do something. Social media posts should link to content, and once the readers are there, you have to hook them in, get them interested, get them to remember your name and products.

Content writing goes beyond marketing to actually saying something, something hopefully interesting and important. You want your readers to share your content, increase your brand recognition. It is also a way to build and maintain your following. Blogging with a steady stream of comments and responses drives engagement and interaction. It keeps it fun, relevant, and part of the ever-changing landscape.

The marijuana market, as it goes through its transformation and rebranding has even more at stake with the words chosen to represent it over the next key years. Whether it is social media, blogs, any other content on websites, even hard copy magazines, brochures, press releases, or white pages, the content is primary. People are reading about marijuana. Just like you, right now. They are listening.

What do you want to tell them?

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  1. Looking for ongoing commitment of at least 4 articles a week, for a new blog that will be focused on ventura county cannabis industry and lifestyle.

    Can you give me your pricing for writing and any discounts based on volume.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Please give us a call at (720) 924-1932 and we can put you in contact with our content writer. Long-term, valuable blog content is one of our specialties.

      Thanks! –Nicole

  2. Looking for talented content writers to create constant content for 3 Ecommerce websites. Looking for well rounded skills in SEO and an understanding of Google best practices in page rankings analytics.. These are just a few extensions of the business:
    Flower \ Contrate vapes
    Dab rigs \ Glass \ Bongs \ Torches
    Storage in every 420 category
    Large Grinder line
    Herbal extraction machines
    Aromatherapy essential oil diffusers
    Essential oils
    Herbal blends
    Herbal Teas
    And much much more.

    I would like to see some of your work. Here are the websites:

    1. Hi Cesar!

      We can hook you up with our portfolios and case studies and put you in contact with our content curator if you give us a call at (720) 924-1932 or shoot us an email!

      Looking forward to hearing from you! –Nicole

    1. Hi Dan!

      I do most of the content writing here at Team MaryJane.

      You can get in touch with us by visiting teammaryjane.com/contact-us/ to discuss more ways to help your brand make the most out of digital marketing OR for content only purposes you can reach me directly by shooting me an email at nicole@slpsocialmedia.com

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