5 Simple Ways to Repurpose your Cannabis Content from 2018 into new, fresh content in 2019

5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Cannabis Content from 2018 into New, Fresh Content in 2019

In Content Marketing by Nicole Flanigan

If you spent your whole 2018 putting out at least one new piece of content every week, you should have a total of 52 unique pieces of juicy, engaging content. Just because we’ve made it into 2019 doesn’t mean all that work was for nothing, though. Repurposing your old content is a cheap and easy way to save time on your content marketing efforts as well as offer a plethora of additional lesser-known benefits. If you want to make the most of the content you created last year, here’s a short guide that will help you create fresh and new content from your older stuff in 2019.

Start by running a content audit.

Take some time this week to go through all of your content (including blogs, your website, social posts, email campaigns, and anywhere else you’re publishing content) and choose your best and most popular pieces. Check your analytics on all platforms and make a list of your most popular pieces. In some cases, you won’t be able to repurpose your content at all. In others, you may be able to repurpose your content in small parts or repurpose the original piece of content entirely. Once you have this list, you can use the following methods to update, revitalize, or repurpose your old content.

1. Repost your content in other places

The biggest benefit to repurposing your old content is that it can be used to help you reach a wider audience. You have great content that answers a lot of important questions. Take some of your old content and use it to answer questions on Quora or Yahoo answers. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it helps to create important backlinks to your website which helps you build credibility and boost your influence in order to reach a new audience. Reposting entire pieces of content on platforms like Buzzfeed or BizSugar is great for the same reason.

2. Update or expand upon the old content

Not every piece of content you have written will be able to be repurposed. However, most pieces of evergreen content and lists tend to continuously drive traffic for months and even years. Content like this is easy to update with new information or expand upon with new ideas. Say for example you published a guide on your blog about good bong hygiene. Most of the content is still relevant and useful, but there is one new tip you learned about this year that you could add to it. All you have to do is update the post, write at the top that the post was updated and when then simply re-promote the piece to earn new leads. It’s easy!

3. Generate more leads with your most popular content

Your best and most attractive content can easily be changed into something that can be incentivized in exchange for leads. You can take your top-performing pieces of evergreen content such as how-to guides, lists, educational content and pieces of content that your audience takes a direct interest in, such as your delivery company’s price points, turn them into downloadable PDFs and stick them behind an opt-in form.

4. Create social posts from your content

Repackaging content into fresh social posts is a great way to get some extra attention from your social media followers and earn more eyeballs on your brand’s public image. Old quotes and statistics from your content make great social updates. You can also re-use images, turn your old posts into videos or graphics, and share through social media.

5. Turn written content into a different format

Visuals are often more powerful than the written word. If you have a lot of awesome blog content but you find that visuals work best for your audience, you can repackage that boring old content into a fresh, easy-to-digest infographic. Repackaging content into new formats makes it easy to publish the exact same content in a way that attracts new audience members or engages with your current ones. Try repackaging your written content into interactive presentations, e-books, videos, infographics, and more to repurpose content in a way that attracts different people to your content.

Learning from the past to benefit your future.

Though 2018 has come to a close, your cannabis brand can use these effective methods to give proper direction to your digital marketing strategy in 2019. By utilizing these tips and giving your marketing a facelift for the new year, you can expect to see more sales, better relationships with your customer base, and a better reputation. You can also expect to see a larger, more engaged audience and a larger fanbase.

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