Canna-Biz Marketing 101: Using Apparel and Merchandise to Your Advantage

Canna-Biz Marketing 101: Using Merchandise to Your Advantage

In advertising, branding, Cannabis Marketing 101, strategy by Nicole Flanigan

It’s been a long couple of weeks discussing several effective ways to better your marketing for your cannabis business. We’ve gone over a few general marketing do’s and don’ts, how to apply traditional marketing channels to your program, how to find and utilize digital strategies for marketing and advertising, how to adopt social media tactics, and of course, how to get the most out of local events and sponsorship opportunities. In our 6th and final chapter, we are going to talk about how you can utilize apparel alongside merchandise to your marketing advantage.

Apparel and merchandise are excellent because they can help your customers recognize and act as ambassadors for your brand in their everyday lives. However, it’s crucial to find a strategy for these opportunities before you put in an order for a couple thousand pieces of branded merchandise. Here are a few guidelines to think about if you’re in the market for creating branded merch:

Brush Up on Your State’s Merchandising Laws.

The states with legal cannabis all have their own rhyme and reason when it comes to what you can brand and how you can sell it. In some places, it’s illegal to use cannabis leaves on clothing. You need to look deeper into what you can put your logo on and how you’re allowed to sell it. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws before you put in the order to avoid fines or the inability to sell your product.

Put E-Commerce Options on Your Website.

Through e-commerce, you can offer your customers merchandise. Selling apparel like shirts, jackets, pins, and buttons online is a great way for your brand to earn global potential, even if you’re restricted physically to a specific geographic market.

Consider Co-Branding Your Merchandise with a Business Partner.

There are hundreds of lifestyle brands and apparel companies out there for you to build partnerships with and collaborate on your merchandise. Co-branding with paraphernalia manufacturers is a great way to offer your merchandise at your retail store. This is an excellent option for those in Washington, where the state limits what soft goods can be sold in your store. Branded paraphernalia, on the other hand, is considered a cannabis product in the eyes of the state, and is allowed to be sold at a retail store.

Find a Way to Stand Out.

T-shirts are a common staple in the merchandise game, so it’s important that you think of new ways to put your brand in front of your customers when they’re using cannabis. Your merchandise should be useful and attractive. If you want to keep your brand at the top of your customers minds, you should check into what your competition is doing and find a way to improve their efforts. For example, a competitor sells shirts, but the material is cheap and the color fades and the fabric shrinks after a few washes. In this case, you can splurge for nicer-quality fabric. If the competition gives out branded rolling papers but doesn’t look into other options, you should consider branded grinders or stash bags. The more ideas you can find to differentiate your merch from what your competition is doing, the better chance you have of standing out for offering something valuable and unique.

And that’s it! After 6 weeks, we’ve discovered several ways to help you market your cannabis business. You can always check back here for more handy business tactics to help you give your business that edge against your competition.

If it seems like it could be too much for you, you can always contact us today. We offer full service marketing plans to help your cannabis business find footing in the cannabis industry.