4 Tips for Finding the Best Cannabis Marketing Agency for Your Business

4 Tips for Finding the Best Cannabis Marketing Agency for Your Business

In Agency, branding by Nicole Flanigan

When you first get started in any business, one of your top priorities is getting a good design and marketing strategy in place. Some people choose to focus on in-house marketing, and others will hire a 3rd party creative team to handle these tasks for them.

In a lot of ways, a marketing agency is an extension of your brand and business. You’re going to rely heavily on the people you’ll hire for a plethora of marketing decisions and materials. Much like in-house employees, it’s of the utmost importance that you can TRUST them. Here are a few very important things to consider when picking a quality cannabis marketing agency for your cannabis business:

1. What are your business goals?

Before you look into any cannabis marketing agencies or firms it’s important to think about your own business. What are your goals for this year? In 5 years? How about 10? Do you want to be a high-end luxury cannabis boutique or the Walmart of Weed? Which of your values do you find the most important to you and your business that your marketing and design partners should care about too? What does your budget look like? What are you hoping to achieve by hiring a cannabis-focused creative firm?

A lot of very important questions! Keep in mind though that you need to answer them though, or you’re going to have a really hard time explaining your business to an agency. Dive into the hard questions now so you don’t waste your time and money on a rash decision!

2. What are your options?

Once you’ve taken a deep look within, you’re ready to consider the options available for a cannabis marketing partner.

Run an internet search through search engines, social media, and local publications. You can also talk to other brands that you admire and see who they might recommend to you. When you’ve gathered a few local options, look deeper into them!

Each firm is wildly different in their skills, services, prices, and personal flair. These differences create strengths and weaknesses within every agency. So how can you tell which firm will be best? Searching for any creative team is an easy feat! Every firm you research should offer case studies and portfolios that showcase and demonstrate their skills. If they don’t offer a portfolio or case studies, you can look at their branding, their website, their social media pages and their sponsored ads, since all of these things will showcase the skills and teamwork that YOU would be paying for. An agencies brand is their masterpiece, and it alone should be able to show you what they can do!

3. What is the agency’s process?

Aside from liking their services, you’ll need to make sure you’ll be happy working with the firm, and every firm works differently! Some firms are large with a lot of moving parts, and others are smaller and more intimate allowing you to work more closely with your team.

Some firms are completely in-house, where the team is all under the same roof 8-10 hours working together on your projects on a lump retainer. Other firms, like Team MaryJane, are consultant-based. You’ll have one point of contact and an army of highly skilled freelancers at your disposal, often for a much lower price.

There are pros and cons to in-house firms and consultant-based firms, so when you’re meeting with potential firms and agencies, make sure you pick an option that suits your needs most effectively!

4. Any Questions?

Research is great and will answer some of your questions about an agency, but not all of them! If there is anything you want to know that you haven’t yet found out from your prospective firms, be sure to ask them questions. Most marketing agencies are more than happy to educate you on their team and their services, and should make it very easy to get in touch!

So if you’re reading this post right now and you still aren’t sure about what all Team MaryJane can offer, feel free to call us or drop us a line! We’d be glad to help you get started on accomplishing your burning business goals today!