The mobile revolution is upon us.

With the explosion of smart phones and tablets, mobile access to your services must be a key component of your marketing and customer engagement strategy. It’s no longer enough just to have a mobile friendly website, however. Depending on your goals (and especially if you’re a dispensary!), a mobile strategy should include a mobile app as well.

Why is a Mobile App Important for Your Marijuana Dispensary?

There are a number of great reasons to provide a mobile app. Most of them boil down to customer engagement, brand awareness, and convenience.


Customer Engagement

Whether it’s providing your customers with a current inventory/pricing, a product catalog, online ordering, newsfeeds or social interaction, a mobile app provides you with a direct channel to your customers. Moreover, with mobile apps, you have the ability to directly message your customers through push notifications. Likewise, you can provide a simple interface for your customers to connect with you for customer service, product information, and sales support.

Brand Awareness

Most people check their phones dozens or even hundreds of times a day. Imagine having your logo sitting on their home screen, constantly reminding them of your products and services. Having that persistent brand reinforcement is a huge competitive advantage and solidifies your position as a modern technology savvy company.



Your customers are doing business on their mobile devices, and they want to do business with you the same way. Most people prefer to use their phones rather than their desktops or laptops for simple tasks, and they like the convenience of knowing that they can interact with businesses no matter where they are. When your customers need the products and services you provide, they are going to go with the company that makes it easiest. Providing them with access to your information right at their fingertips goes a long way toward making your customers lives easier.

Why Now?

More and more small businesses are realizing that a mobile app can and should be an integral part of their marketing and customer engagement strategy. With the cost of developing apps going down as new technologies have emerged, savvy companies are making the investment now, knowing that having a mobile app helps differentiate them from the competition. This is a new channel for engaging customers, and the time to stand out from the pack is now. So will you lead, or follow?


Online Ordering

Dispensaries who added online ordering have shown per-ticket transaction increases of up to 40%!

All of the apps and online menus are seamless with most seed to sale software companies on the market and will automatically update inventory to all stores live. Our backend will control deals, orders, notifications, and settings for all stores. There is no restrictions on notifications, orders, deals–it’s your system, use it how you like. If you would like to streamline the buying process and alleviate the man hours needed to sell bud at all your stores, contact us today.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers coming back again and again.

A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device when someone has your app installed on their phone. Users don’t have to be signed in to the app or even using the their device to receive them. This is important for customer loyalty and retention.

We Even Give You an iPad

Shoppers can “check in” for customer loyalty programs, and to order without having to wait for a budtender.


App User Flow

Here you can see what a customer sees.


How much does all this cost?

Just $420 / M OR $4200 / Y.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a no-obligation demo.