A Short, Simple Guide to Advertising Cannabis Dispensaries

A Short, Simple Guide to Cannabis Dispensary Advertising

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We tend to go on and on about the little details involved with cannabis marketing and advertising, so as a nice little break, we’d like to suggest a few really simple ways to utilize dispensary advertising to increase the traffic to your storefront as well as your audience’s awareness of your brand. Some of this is redundant, but it’s short, sweet, and will get the point across much faster than a long post. We’ve also taken the time to link some of these subjects to our longer forms of content so you may explore each subject at your own pace.

Let’s get started!

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising comes with a plethora of advantages, but the biggest of all is the ability to specify your audience more than ever before. The cannabis industry faces many challenges with advertising on digital platforms like Google and Facebook. However, it’s still possible to create and run strategic advertisements that drive traffic without using cannabis-related language that can be flagged for removal. Finding the right verbiage and imagery is essential if you want to run digital ads in the cannabis industry and get that nice edge against your competition.

Another big part of digital advertising is social media. You should use call-to-action campaigns to gather clicks and turn them into new customers. The point of advertising is to collect information like email addresses or phone numbers with contests, specials, or engaging content. Once you’ve gathered the personal information from your prospects through your website or social media, you should craft targeted email campaigns, and follow up often.

Print Advertising

Traditional forms of advertising are often more reliable than digital forms in the cannabis industry since most of the time they’re safer and more efficient. You can reach cannabis enthusiasts by advertising your dispensary in a local magazine or trade publication. When advertising with print, be sure that the majority of its subscribers are based close to your storefront so you can spend your ad money wisely. Also, make sure you request a breakdown of the magazine’s audience to make sure the magazine makes sense for you to advertise with.

If you choose to work with print ads, make sure that you can still monitor performance. Gather referral information when your customers check-in. If the majority of your customers are still finding your business on Facebook or Google, odds are you don’t need to spend so much on print media and you need to focus on another form of advertising.

Outdoor Advertising

Being noticeable and easily differentiated is an important part of surviving in a competitive cannabis market. Outdoor signage of some sort, from marquis to billboards to simple signs can make a huge difference in-store traffic, visibility, and reputation. They cost a lot, but they are big money makers.  

Finding billboard ad space close to your storefront is a big opportunity. Billboards along the highway also do well because heavy traffic can help you reach a captive audience. You can also use other strategic outdoor spaces like bus wraps, bus benches, subway ads, posters, and more to help raise brand awareness. Always include a unique link to a landing page on your website to track the effectiveness of these ads. Also, make sure you’re up to speed with the print marketing restrictions in your area, as some states won’t allow signage of any sort.

Events Advertising

Advertising at events is always worth the money. It doesn’t always have to be a cannabis convention. It could be a concert, a 420 tour, or even a local event that you sponsor with your brand. Events are excellent because you are able to directly engage with your audience and build relationships with potential (or current) clientele.

Most of the time, local events offer sponsorship opportunities and by reaching out you can secure primo advertising space. If your dispensary thrives on community outreach and finds this type of advertising effective and meaningful, make sure you build relationships with event heads and hosts so you can secure future opportunities.

So there you have it. A short, sweet, to-the-point guide on simple ways to effectively advertise a marijuana dispensary. Be sure to follow the links in the text to longer, more educational content from our cannabis marketing blog. Still not sure if DIY Marketing is the right approach for your business? The cannabis marketing professionals at Team MaryJane are just a simple phone call away.

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